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A Sacred Place To Become Deliberate & Soulful Manifestors & Creators

Heal your financial trauma and scarcity mindset and Manifest financial abundance with ease in a sacred, high vibrational space full of love and support.

  • Are you struggling to manifest more money consistently?
  • Are you struggling to manifest your desires consistently?
  • Are you trapped in a mindset of scarcity, lack, and suffering?

If you answered "YES" to any of those questions and you are ready to ditch scarcity and lack mentality on a deep level and manifest your desires, then the SOULFUL MANIFESTORS LAB is for YOU!


It's time for you to claim your birthright that is riches and wealth!

Join me inside the SOULFUL MANIFESTORS LAB and I will show you the easiest, most fun way to manifest your desires and the confidence that you've always desired! Soulful Manifestors Lab members who did the work have manifested their desires over and over again.

Did you know that the reason why you are struggling to master manifesting money and your other desires with ease is because you have no idea how to harness your energy and that your ancestral vows and financial trauma have been messing up with you?

It's time you heal your relationship with money and finally claim your birthright that is financial abundance!!!

It's time to say goodbye to your money fears and struggles!

It's time to say goodbye to your scarcity and lack mentality!

It's time to surround yourself with like-minded people and get the support that you deserve!

It's time to join the SOULFUL MANIFESTORS LAB!


Enough of living your life full of struggles, scarcity and lack or money!

It is time that you heal your relationship with money and kick scarcity to the curb and I want to show you how…

I get it… it’s hard to manifest and stay in a high vibration when your family members criticize what you’re doing or have zero belief in you and this dampens your mood, your energy and therefore affects your manifesting...

 Because I truly believe that everyone deserves to live a life of financial abundance, of wealth, of prosperity and this is your birthright… and it’s about time you claim it now!

If I can do this for myself and my clients, I have an obligation to share this with as many people as much as possible so here I am…

Sharing with you how you can heal your relationship with money, make peace with your ancestors, release the inheritance you have received from your ancestors that’s been holding you back in living your best life.

 And that is exactly what you are going to learn in the Soulful Manifestors Lab is all about.

 It is time to manifest your best life and claim your power, your birthright as a Soulful Manifestor and Creator with all the support that you need in your journey.

It is time to manifest your best life and claim your power, your birthright as a Soulful Manifestor and Creator with all the support that you need in your journey!



  • YOU getting all the support you need you need to manifest your desires in a loving and supportive environment
  • YOU learning advanced practices in manifesting and understanding more about energies in the most FUN and sacred space that supports your growth
  • YOU receiving free coaching and healing bi-weekly about manifesting to finally embrace financial abundance coming your way with ease  and feeling worthy and good enough
  • YOU Having tons of fun and pleasure manifesting your desires with ease
  • YOU shifting from being constantly caught up in a toxic cycle of scarcity, lack and desperation, enjoying a true sense of peace knowing how to create abundance for you and your family
  • YOU shifting from Being unable to manifest your desires to knowing how to master your energy and money flow with divine confidence, love and abundance 


Membership Overview

Monthly group healing

  • 1 hour of group healing monthly where we dive into your limiting beliefs to clear and release them and replace them with empowering beliefs to help you manifest the life you love. ($1000 VALUE)

Weekly Live Manifesting Q & A call 

  • Live bi-weekly Manifesting Q & A call where I give you psychic insights, answer your questions, give you feedback and action to take and remove the blocks from that challenge right away and receive healing as well ($1000 VALUE)

Weekly Sacred Soul Alignments and Activations for Abundance, Wealth & Success

  • Receive 1 energetic wealth alignment or activations monthly based on the need of the group ($500 VALUE)

Weekly Psychic Readings

  • Receive weekly psychic readings even if you’re not able to attend the live calls.($500 VALUE)

Special discounts

  • Receive Special discounts on my other workshops and live events, coaching services that is only available for being a member of this group ($$$ VALUE)

Replays of Healings & Workshops & Moon Ceremonies

  • Get UNLIMITED access to tons of replays of healing sessions that are embedded with healing energies and workshops inside the group as long as you're subscribed to the group ($3000 VALUE)

Receive all of these BONUSES too:

🔮 How To Become A Money Magnet workshop

🔮 FAST Powerful Manifest Method That has members manifest their desires instantly

🔮 30 Days of Abundance Journey

🔮 $50Million Process Designed to Stretch your Frequency To The Amount Of Money You Desire

🔮 How To Make Law Of Attraction Work For You Every Single Time

🔮 Digital Vision Board that works Workshop

🔮 Magic Money Chant that is sure to raise your energy frequency and align you to your birthright that is abundance

🔮How To Work With Abundance Angels and manifest with ease

🔮Abundance Prayer For Business

🔮 Naked Manifesting Technique

🔮 How To Reset Your Energetic Money Set point

🔮LIVE healing bi-weekly including but not limited to money blocks with healing energies embedded on replays so you can watch it anytime as often as you can

🔮Learn tools on how to protect yourself from negative energies

🔮Receive channeled message from your loved ones who passed away, this is a powerful healing 

🔮ancestral vows group clearing

🔮Receive 3 card pull on your birthday as long as you're subscribed

🔮Receive divine guidance on 1 area monthly

🔮Supercharged Moon ceremonies

🔮Be a part of a bigger MISSION - child sponsorship through World Vision Philippines 🇵🇭

🔮unlimited access to all the contents in the group as long as you’re a paying member

 Membership VALUE: $$$$ PRICELESS

Are you ready to manifest your desires with ease and lots of fun?

Are you ready to be a Soulful Money Magnet and manifest money with ease?


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