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1:1 Life Accelerator And Wealth Activation Coaching Program

Accelerate your life as you Activate your wealth consciousness, success and freedom NOW(not in 5 or 10 years) by healing your life(trauma) and ditching scarcity and lack of money from your life forever.

Being wealthy and spiritual is your birthright.

Are you ready to live your life according to your design?

Accelerate your wealth and success, find your soul’s purpose through life accelerator coaching, mentoring & wealth activation programs. Being wealthy and spiritual is your birthright.

My coaching is not for everyone.

Your coaching program is tailored to your specific needs, goals and desires.

Coaching is done via Zoom video calls.


For those of you who say YES and to whom I say YES to, what I can say is that YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE and you’ll never look back.

I must warn you... will cost you more than money because YOU MUST be 100% committed  to invest your time and energy when we work together to create that extraordinary life that you’ve always dreamed of.

If you’re ready…

Let’s Make It Happen!

I am here to help and guide you!

1:1 Life Accelerator & Wealth Activation Coaching Program involves working with your body, mind, spirit and energy

Did you know that the reason you’re struggling to master manifesting money with ease is because you have no idea how to harness your energy and that your ancestral vows, financial and sexual trauma, guilt and shame have been messing up with you?

You have to work on your mind, body, spirit and energy - heal the trauma that's getting in the way. 

Some Highlights of 1:1 Life Accelerator & Wealth Activation Coaching Program


your inner child and all the abandonment issues, procrastination, feeling not good enough, not worthy and the trauma that you incurred as a child so that you can stop the sabotage and unleash it so you can bring in more money into your life. Wounded inner child sabotages you and your efforts all the time & reprogram your mind, body & spirit through physical action and spirit through energy healing.


on demand healing during our coaching sessions. As the issues arise during each coaching session, we will clear, release and heal any resistance and blocks or limiting beliefs that is in your way on all levels: subconscious, past lives, ancestral and your DNA that are causing you to sabotage yourself no matter what work you’ve done before

We will also clear any soul contracts you have that no longer serves you


your earliest money stories and your core beliefs from your parents, all the guilt and shame connected to debts that keeps you struggling, broke and held you back in manifesting the life full of financial abundance that you desire. Learn a powerful technique that will allow you to quickly eliminate your inner money blocks and shatter your limiting beliefs

Are you ready to ditch poverty, scarcity mindset and make more money than you ever have?

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