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Are you ready to activate your Wealth Mindset?

Do you desire a life of joy, love, peace and wealth? 

Do you have any of financial trauma (bankruptcy, messy divorce, laid off, investments gone bad, betrayed, scammed, etc.), sexual trauma, mental, emotional and physical trauma?

I bring the magic of everything energy healing, spiritual, personal development cutting edge tools, human design and more to bring in magical transformations into your life and business while having fun. 

Imagine healing your ancestral and generational traumas, dissolving money blocks, and stepping into a life brimming with joy, love, peace, and abundant wealth. This isn't just a dream—it's your new reality waiting to be unlocked.

Invite me to guide you on this transformative healing journey. Together, we'll heal, grow, and activate your wealth mindset, making the life you desire a joyous, loving, peaceful, and wealthy reality.

Click the link below to get started in activating your wealth mindset.  

Available Products


Learn how to become a wealth and money magnet with ease in this 2-hour workshop with Life Accelerator Coach Angel Alvaro.


If you are ready to ditch scarcity, serve your clients at a deep level, and make more money than you ever have, then the Soulful Money Mindset Mastery Program is for you.


Learn how to manifest money and your other desires with ease. Harness your energy and get rid of ancestral vows and financial trauma that have held you back.

Energy Healing

Are you ready to release resentments, regrets or rejection from your life? Have you had any painful or traumatic experiences in your life that needs to be healed? Are you tired of living a life that’s full of negativity and struggles?

Petaltone Essences

Transfer the powerful energy of plants directly into your aura effecting deep level changes for personal health and wellbeing on all levels.

Space Clear your home and protect your aura with the world's first and most effective Clearing and Protection essences recommended by well known author Judy Hall.

Aligned Wealthy Entrepreneurs

🔮⚡️💸Welcome To Aligned Wealthy Entrepreneurs(AWE) With Angel Alvaro and Denise Cardenas

This safe, sacred space is created for Entrepreneurs even if you’re an aspiring one, healers who are  tired of struggling alone, being afraid, burnout…who are open and ready to dive into a whole new way to building a business online and create consistent income with ease.

⚡️Get activated to your birthright that is abundance because just being here in Angel’s vortex gets you activated and aligned as you show up to fulfill and embrace your purpose and your passion with ease.

Image of an book for human design report


Get your ULTIMATE BLUEPRINT (comprehensive Human Design Report) to gain deeper understanding of yourself and start living your authentic life by your design according to your rules.

You can also order for your love ones because this makes for an ultimate gift 🎁. This is a gift that will keep on giving.

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