Energy Healing Sessions

Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • allergies
  • anxiety, PTSD or mental disorders
  • physical pain / illness or disease (its root cause is usually psychological reasons)
  • recovery needs from an accident or surgery
  • addictions to food, drugs, alcohol, drama, victimhood, etc.
  • financial trauma such as bankruptcy, failed investments, several business failures, betrayed over money, etc.
  • relationship issues

Then you can benefit in having an energy healing session.

Physical and emotional trauma can create blockages in the body and in your chakras.

Being highly psychic, I connect with your energy to be able to see what your body is showing me that needs to heal. I check the  issues present in your physical body, your beliefs, and any blocks that may be present that prevents the flow of your life-force energy.

I use all of my spiritual gifts to find out what limiting beliefs you have that have been holding you back and preventing you from living an extraordinary life the you absolutely love! 

I clear blocks about money, self-love, relationship and success in all levels that they may be  existing such as your subconscious mind (this is what everyone is aware of), ancestral level, in your genes and at the soul level.

I also clear and heal all the traumatic and painful experiences you may have and the root causes of your conditions.

Here are some of the energy clearing sessions that the I offer:

  • Ancestral Karma Clearing and Healing for Abundant Life
  • Release vows, contracts and agreements you took with your ancestors and parents in all lifetimes
    • vows of poverty
    • vows of responsibility
    • vows of obedience
    • vows of silence
    • and more
  • Release abundance/money blocks
  • DNA Activations
  • Property clearing (Clearing negative energy from your home and properties)
  • Cord cutting, releasing curses and negative attachments that drains your energy
  • Clearing and healing past traumatic and painful experiences
  • Receive messages from your loved ones who passed away during session

Steph's Healing testimonial for Angel Alvaro

Check out other services I provide and find out how else can I serve you.

*Please note: All my healing sessions are done online through zoom video calls.

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Energy Healing Sessions

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