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About Angel Alvaro

Angel is a transformational life accelerator and wealth activator coach, international transformational speaker, co-author and an upcoming author.

She’s a master energy healer born from long lines of powerful healers on both sides of her family. Healing is and has always been in her blood and not just learned.

She has several certifications on several modalities such as Theta Healing, Manifesting and Abundance, Pranic Healing, NLP, Law of Attraction Coaching, Usui Reiki, Crystal Healing, Light Language Healing, Akashic Records Reading, Human Design, Angel Card reading, Feng shui, aromatherapy, EFT, Reflexology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Massage technician. She’s also certified and a specialist in content marketing and search marketing, certified mastermind facilitator, mentor and transformational life coach, spiritual life coach.

She helps women entrepreneurs accelerate their wealth and success, find their soul’s purpose through life accelerator coaching, mentoring & energy healing. She shows her clients that being wealthy and spiritual are their birthright.

Angel was born in poverty. She was raped multiple times since I was a child, growing up feeling like whore and dirty. She felt she was never good enough to anyone even to her own self.

She had to make a painful decision of aborting the child that was a result of date rape and this decision had haunted her forever. I was a murderer and made her feel so guilty and ashamed all the time.

As she moved into her adult years, she carried the shame and abuse and felt powerless, making decisions that didn't serve her. She was diagnosed with severe depression, road rage, suicidal most of the time, became dangerously skinny and did drugs and alcohol to drown the shame and guilt and feeling not good enough.

She never felt she belonged or fit in the society. She never knew how to respect herself and felt like men never respected her.

Her heart was filled with hatred and anger, vengeance even. This led to a stroke when she was 20 years old and that was a wake up call for her.

In 2017 after her father passed away, she had massive sexual trauma healing and finally was able to fully forgive her father and all the men who have wronged her.

Huge awakening for her happened at this time as well as she finally decided to reconnect back to and embrace her psychic and healing abilities that she pushed away for so long so that she could fit in, so that people won’t call her weird names.

From massive sexual trauma to lack of trust for men to now being happily married to her soulmate and best friend to bankruptcy in 2015 to financial freedom, consistent 5 figures income in just 2 years into embracing her soul’s purpose of being a Life accelerator and wealth activator.

Here’s how she’s different from other coaches out there.

She’s a leading life accelerator and wealth activator coach. She takes her clients to their deepest, darkest places and crevices and brings them back out to the light, healed and free from shadows of the past. She specializes in helping her clients in clearing and releasing their money blocks, sexual trauma, PTSD, ancestral vows, financial trauma(bankruptcy, huge financial losses, laid off, etc), limiting beliefs about money from multiple levels, that holds them back from living the life of abundance, leaving them with deep transformational healing
in every area of their lives.

She has manifested over $200K of cash, prizes, trips, scholarships, freebies, travels and so much more in 2015-2016 alone. She’s a spiritual advisor to millionaires and celebrities both local and international.

Her clients went on to manifest collective results of over $1M in financial abundance, financial freedom, dream homes, dream jobs, salary increase, job promotions, attracted their soul mates, married their soulmates, manifested their dream cars, experienced deep transformational healing that is tangible and so much more. Learn more at

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