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Felt guilty charging for what I'm worth...Not Anymore!

In the past, I’ve always doubted myself if there’s anyone who would pay me to work with me for the amount of money I thought for my services I’m worth so I would lower my price so much that it devalues my work and it hurts.

Have you suffered depression?

Have you been suicidal or had/have suicidal thoughts?

Angel’s Me Too Story

Ever wonder why your Journey doesn’t seem to be simple like the others?Why you’ve struggled to fit in? I’m going to be very vulnerable with you and share one of my darkest places in life. I grew up in a very negative and abusive environment physically, emotionally, verbally.I grew up always trying to prove myself to him that I can do anything a boy can. I hated myself because no matter what I did, I was worth nothing to him unless it’s worth bragging about to his ...

Trust issues and money

Let's talk about trust issues and money...


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