Soulful Money Mindset Mastery

Activate your wealth consciousness, success and freedom in 60 days or less by healing your life(trauma) and ditching scarcity and lack of money from your life forever.

(Live Online Workshops With Group Coaching & Powerful Healing)

  • Are you struggling to earn more money consistently?
  • Are you struggling to sell your products or services consistently?
  • Are you trapped in a mindset of scarcity, lack, and suffering?

Give me just 8 weeks and I will show you the easiest, most fun way to manifest money, business success and the confidence that you've always desired! If you are ready to ditch scarcity, serve your clients in a deep level and make more money than you ever have, then I have just the thing for you!


Soulful Money Mindset Mastery students who did the work have collectively manifested approximately $1 Million Dollars!

Did you know that the readon why you are struggling to master manifesting money with ease is because you have no idea how to harness your energy and that your ancestral vows and financial trauma have been messing up with you?

It's time you heal your relationship with money and finally claim your birthright that is financial abundance!!!

It's time to say goodbye to your money fears and struggles!

  • You’ve been working hard all your life.

  • Relaxing is something you dream of but can’t afford because of all the money problems that are always at the back of your mind.

  • Feelings of unworthiness and not good enough paralyzes you from taking action.

  • You’re secretly suffering from depression, anxiety, and worry and you feel like you’re never supported.

Enough of living your life full of struggles, scarcity and lack or money!

Most people don’t even realize that they have money blocks or limiting beliefs about money. 

You can’t do anything about something you’re not aware of. 

But here’s the thing, limiting belief or money blocks are running behind the scenes like a computer virus. You won’t know your computer has a computer virus until you realize that most of your files were corrupted… until one of your most important files stopped working properly… that’s the only time you started to become frantic and tried to save what you could… only to discover it was too late…

Luckily for you, when it comes to money blocks or limiting beliefs, you just have to take action so you can eliminate these viruses so that you can start receiving money from all sources and make money effortlessly…

YES, it’s possible!

It is time that you heal your relationship with money and ditch the scarcity to the curb and I want to show you how…

Because I truly believe that everyone deserves to live a life of financial abundance, of wealth, of prosperity and this is your birthright… and it’s about time you claim it now!

If I can do this for myself and my clients, I have an obligation to share this with as many people as much as possible so here I am…

Sharing you how you can activate your wealth consciousness and heal your relationship with money, say goodbye to limiting beliefs that’s been holding you back in living your best life that’s full of financial abundance and more.

And that is exactly what you are going to learn in the Soulful Money Mindset Mastery 8 weeks intensive program.

It is time to activate your wealth consciousness to live your best life and claim your power, your birthright as a Soulful Manifestor and Creator.


Close your eyes for a second and IMAGINE... 


  • YOU'LL SHIFT FROM Worrying about money and bills to enjoying freedom and comforts that come with an abundance of wealth and money. Having more than enough money to pay all of your bills, have more than enough play money, hire a full time cleaner, a personal chef, a nanny or a VA are some of the goals you can cross off your list because you’re now able to charge for your services and what you’re worth with confidence.

  • YOU'LL SHIFT FROM Trading dollars for hours due to feeling unworthy, not good enough and lack of confidence to selling out your products or services for what they’re really worth with ease and FUN

  • YOU'LL SHIFT FROM Freaking out about visibility to becoming high vibrational super confident at selling your products or services so your soulmate clients can literally see and feel your brilliance which makes them want to work with you

  • YOU'LL SHIFT FROM Playing small and afraid to finally embracing financial abundance coming your way with ease  and feeling worthy and good enough for all of it

  • YOU'LL SHIFT FROM Experiencing never-ending money drama to doing the work and selling $5K, $10K, $15K or even $20K packages with ease

  • YOU'LL SHIFT FROM Clearing out family drama and opening the way to infinite receiving without guilt and shame

  • YOU'LL SHIFT FROM Being constantly caught up in a toxic cycle of scarcity, lack and desperation. enjoying a true sense of peace knowing how to create abundance for you and your family from a place of deep receiving and service.

  • YOU'LL SHIFT FROM Being a slave to money to knowing how to master money flow with divine confidence, love and abundance

All this and more is waiting for you inside Soulful Money Mindset Mastery


If you feel like there is never enough money for you and your needs and desires... This is a sign of ancestral vow of poverty.

If you find it so quick to spend money when you receive it or that money only passes by your hands? If you feel that you are never worthy or deserving to have more than enough money in your bank account... This is a sign of ancestral vow of poverty.

If you feel paralyzed with fear at the thought of running out of money... If you feel overwhelmed with anxiety and worry when thinking about your bills...scarcity or lack mentality which is vow of poverty

If money is often the reason when you say, "NO" to the things you want to have or do...This is a sign of ancestral vow of guilt and shame.

If you feel guilty for wanting more than what you currently have... This is a sign of ancestral vow of guilt and shame.

Do you know if you have any financial trauma (bankruptcy, failed investments, several business failures, betrayed over money, etc.) (This is a sign of ancestral vow of poverty.)

IN SOULFUL MONEY MINDSET MASTERY, WE WILL CLEAR ALL OF THESE DURING THE GROUP CLEARINGS! Clearing all these from you means clearing them from your lineage as well. Your changing your family’s financial dynamics!

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